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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The War on Drugs Will Never be Won

The War on Drugs Will Never be Won
(the way we’re fighting it now)

I am convinced that we could cut the demand for drugs, legal and illegal, by 80% if we would attack the cause rather than the effect.
What is the cause?

Emotional pain is the major cause of people taking drugs!

The way our society is dealing with the drug problem, and believe me we do have a problem, is through picking bad fruit. (Punishment after the fact is attacking the effect rather than the cause.) Picking the bad fruit never solved anything.
The legal punishment most people pay when caught is small in comparison to the emotional pain they live with every day. The worst punishment ever devised is not in the prisons made of cement and steel. The prison of the mind is more hideous than anything the law dishes out.

Punishment for doing wrong is picking bad fruit without doing anything to change the production of the fruit. There is a reason people do wrong. No one has the desire to be in trouble so why do they do what they know is wrong? The majority of the reason is to cover pain that is actually worse than the punishment they receive when caught.

After generations of teaching coping skills for dealing with pain rather than actually applying God’s principles that eliminate emotional pain, we now have pain (turmoil) and fear as the driving force of our society.
The world today is overrun with emotional pain and the medical profession has become pharmaceutical (drug) dealers more than healers. Doctors and illegal drug dealers make so much money from what they dispense, that the hurting must eventually become dealers and/or manufactures in order to afford the cost of their own habit; ergo, the drug epidemic and war and the "experts" are propagating it rather than stopping it.

Society is currently on a treadmill of futility – running hard but going no where.
What in the world caused this mess? A quick history lesson:

Over 200 years ago, a heroin addict convinced the world that he had the answer for human suffering. (Anyone who claims they have the answer to human suffering is conversely saying he has the pathway to life.) And because the world community at large is so anti-god, they bit on Freud’s bait and the world, slowly but surely began to practice Freud’s worship of the human mind by adhering to his teachings – mental coping skills and taking drugs. His techniques, though well masked and more sophisticated these days, remain pretty much as the Master of deception presented them to society – coping and drugs. (Check out my article entitled Coping is Embracing the Lie.)

What is the answer? Take a lesson from the fruit grower’s manual. I’m not kidding; the fruit growers have the answer to the world’s drug problem. Let me explain:

Many years ago I was ministering in the heart of Mexico and was staying at an orphanage. In the center of the compound of the orphanage was a beautiful orange tree. Being from the heartland of the United States, the plains states, I had never seen an orange tree. In fact, I wasn’t totally sure this was an orange tree because the fruit on the tree was huge; bigger than any orange I had ever seen, but the color was orange so I assumed they were oranges.
A young boy was there with me when I picked up an orange that had fallen from the tree. As I began to peal it he insisted that I take the one he picked fresh from the tree.

My mouth instantly began to salivate as I recalled the sweetness of a store bought orange which heightened my anticipation for a taste of a freshly picked orange, ripened to perfection in its natural environment. As I pealed this citric behemoth, I noticed the skin was very thick and it seemed a bit dry, but I was on a mission so I plunged headlong into devouring this beauty. As I put the first wedge into my mouth my gag reflex began to work overtime as the inside of my mouth instantly shriveled up from the bitterness of this imposter. It was so bitter it was all I could do to keep from losing my breakfast. And of course, the young Mexican boy laughed and slapped his knee with great delight as the gringo was fighting to keep his composure.

The missionary that we were visiting came to my rescue and he too was laughing at the expression on my face. I asked him “What in the world is this?” and he said “It’s an orange.”
He explained that when the tree was young they had failed to castrate it, or trim the roots so the fruit would be sweet and palatable. He said “Before an orange tree can produce plentiful, sweet fruit like we are accustomed too, its roots need to be cut.” That operation is what he called castrating the tree.
When the tree is young they cut in the soil a few inches deep all around the weep line. This cutting severs all the horizontal roots, causing more vertical roots to grow which helps the tree take in more water creating more natural sugars deposited in the fruit. In other words to improve the tree’s fruit, you must change the tree’s roots.

That’s it. Did you get it? To change the fruit of a person’s life, just like the tree, we must change the roots of the person’s life. Rather than go down for our roots we must go into our past.

Drug usage and the life that develops is the fruit of a person’s life, not the problem. The problem is with the roots of the person’s life – their past.
The illegal drugs people are on are their medications of choice for the pains of their life. All of society turns to one drug after another to cope with life’s struggles. What do you think aspirin is; or caffeine or power drinks?

After all, as mentioned before, when a person goes to a Doctor with the same pains, the majority of today’s Doctors will prescribe them a drug or two.
Drugs do not heal.
This is not a physical problem but an emotional problem which, most generally originates from a person’s past.

The answer to the drug problem is to change a person’s past. You heard me, if you are coping with life’s stresses and struggles by using drugs, you need to change the results of your past. Our past is the roots of our life.
All of our past is stored in our subconscious mind - your super-computer. Therefore we are talking about reprogramming your super-computer. Something that only God can do as we learn how to work with Him and effectively communicate with Him.

If you desire to change the fruit of your life, you must change the roots of your life - your subconscious mind.

Right now you are probably thinking that I must be a wacko that has lost his marbles or that I am someone spaced out on some mushroom or something.
No, actually for the past 20+ years of my life I have devoted full time to helping hurting people get totally free from drugs and emotional pain by doing exactly what I said – teaching them how to change their past.

For more information about changing your past obtain a copy of my last book Genuine Christianity, published by the American Book Publishing Company; pay particular attention to the chapter on “Renewing the Mind”.

I teach specific steps you take to actually change the results of your past – instantly.

You can obtain Genuine Christianity on my website at , Amazon or visit your local book store.
You can also obtain my training material (Restoration Ministry Training) from the same website. Restoration Ministry Training will not only help you deal with your issues in the privacy of your own home, but will also teach you how to help other hurting people find the peace for which they are searching. . Click on ‘Store’ and enjoy browsing through all the materials available to you. Take advantage of the free downloads and articles available as well.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Need More Help

"I am on an antidepressant but I need more help." the woman in the commercial exclaims.

A calming voice continues to describe depression as a serious disease caused by an out of balance condition of epinephrine and serotonin, two drugs produced by the brain to regulate mood swings. The announcer goes on to explain that the new drug EZmood, taken with the antidepressant has helped many with the same problem. However, notify your doctor immediately if you have thoughts of suicide, swelling of the tongue, violent mood swings, heart palpitations, and on and on the announcer goes describing problematic symptoms that you should be aware of if you chose to use their new drug. Unfortunately these symptoms have obviously happened as other people took their drug which, in my understanding, increases your chances of the same things happening.

Do you hear the message in that advertisement? No, I'm not talking about the alleged benefits of the product being sold but the warning message that is only there because of the FDA's labeling laws. I absolutely agree that persons suffering from depression do need more help because offering them mood altering drugs is not helping them but hurting them in the long run by masking their real problem. The proof that I offer is the AMA's own statistics that up twenty five percent of America is classified clinically depressed even though they are currently on anti-depressants and under a doctor's care. If that doesn't give us cause for alarm then nothing will. In fact, we should be more than alarmed, we should be absolutely horrified.

Over the past 20 years I have been helping many overcome depression without the use of drugs. In fact it all started many years ago when I was personally given to a routine of anger followed by depression that, with the Lord's help, I was able to escape. This is done by simply helping those suffering learn how to control the thoughts of their mind. It may seem too simple for some while the thought of controlling your mind may seem overwhelming for others. However, believe me it is possible and I am seeing it done on a regular basis. Because of this I would like to give you some food for thought as it pertains to dealing with depression. I will also address the issue of a chemical imbalance or low epinephrine and serotonin levels in the blood as the cause of depression in the latter part of this article.

Depression is looking inward, it is a sinking down in your thoughts; looking at self or the problems and challenges at hand. It involves becoming so absorbed by the challenges you are facing that you are unable to see any hope of overcoming them. Our mood swings follow our thinking process' so if you allow your mind to think down, dark, depressive thoughts you are naturally going to feel depressed. If you feel bad about yourself and continue to allow your mind to replay the same old sad stories of life again and again you are naturally going to be depressed and potentially self-destructive in your behavior. The key to your freedom is to simply find the good things in your life to think about. Only then can you expect to feel better. I want to help you find the way.

Too many people allow their minds to direct and control their day; they have never been taught how to control the use of their bodies including their minds. Your mind is a tool for you to use, not an organ that is intended to use and direct you. You are responsible to make your mind be still. You must not allow your mind to dictate what you think about or when you think.

The natural mind that is uncontrolled will naturally gravitate downward to negative thoughts. In fact God created the human mind to doubt everything. That is how progress is made; when people doubt that this is the best way they put their mind to work finding a better way. However, depression goes beyond doubting and into the realm where they cannot see any hope of improvement or change. Many people I have worked with over the years have described this as their mind wandering down by the pit. Some have even seen a bottomless black hole in their mind's eye. If you allow your mind to stay down by the pit long enough or often enough you will eventually fall in. However, you don't need to allow your mind to do this to you. When thoughts that you know will hurt you or take you down come into your mind you must say "No, we're not going there." You force your mind to think on things that are uplifting and edifying. Refuse to allow your mind to lead you. When your mind wants to run off onto other thoughts you merely refuse it the privilege; pull it back onto the subject you wish to think about.

Some people have told me that at first, during this battle and it is a battle, they have a hard time finding positive things to think about. Let me help you with this; look at the end of your legs, if there is a foot attached to each leg you have just found two things to rejoice over. Look at your hands, if they work you have two more things to rejoice over. You are probably reading this on a computer so be thankful you can be connected in this manner. There are people all over the world that do not have this privilege. Be thankful you can read. If you are reading this because someone loved you enough to print it off then you have love in your life and people that care about you.

When I found myself either in or heading to a pity-party I would ask myself this question; "Am I worse off today than I was yesterday?" If I could honestly say that I was no worse off today than I was yesterday I would be able to shake it off and get back into life. If things looked worse today than they seemed to be yesterday I would then list how different today was from yesterday. As I looked at the things that made today worse I would then consider this "Do I know this for a fact or am I assuming this is the way it is." Most generally I was assuming and by the time I determined that I was assuming something to be fact, I was far from the pit and ready to live again.

Consider this statistic; it may help you understand why so many people are in depression. Medical science has proven that 70% of a persons daily, uncontrolled thought process is redundant and negative. In other words, we keep thinking the same old thing over and over and it keeps growing worse and worse with each pass through. Talk about a huge waste of energy. No wonder depression makes one tired and unable to function.

Another way to shake off the blues is to find someone else to invest your life in. Depression is thinking about self. Your life is more important than that. There are others out there that need you. You have much to offer others; your life experiences can be used to encourage people who may be going through situations similar to what you have experienced. As you invest your life in other's problems you suddenly find out that you don't have it so bad after all. Begin to look at yourself as a potential fountain of life, offering others hope rather than a pit of depression, taking life. God has a purpose for your life; begin seeking His purpose for your life.

I have a friend that is a missionary in a country that is closed to Christianity. That in itself isn't to unusual but this friend mine is much older than I am. We'll just say that I am old enough to retire and he is at least 10 years my elder. This too is not so unusual. However this missionary friend of mine has Multiple Sclerosis and struggles to walk. In addition to his physical condition he ministers to lepers in the jungles and mountain areas of his mission field country. Mountains and steaming jungles because that is where they banish lepers too, the undesirable places to live. He could be here in the USA being taken care of by people trained to help him but no, he is out stomping through the jungles and mountains searching for people no one else even wants to be close to. He told me once that when he is in the USA he becomes depressed because he watches people running to and fro never giving any thought to others around them. Therefore, when he goes to his mission fields he finds people who suffer much worse than he has ever had to suffer and he is happy and contented serving the unfortunates of this world.

I have another friend that learned how to whip depression by being thankful and in his process of finding things for which he could be thankful, he visited a nursing home where a friend's family member was residing. While he was there he noticed a nurse having a tough time with one of their residents so he went to her aid and began speaking to the elderly gentleman that was giving her a tough time. As he communicated with the resident these two men discovered something about themselves that changed both their lives. The nurse told my friend that she appreciated his help and by the way, have you ever given any thought to becoming a nurses aid? she said. She went on to say "you have a natural ability to help these folks. We need someone like you on staff here. The majority of my day is not dealing with physical health like I am trained to do but I spend most of my day trying to convince them they have a reason to live and to take care of themselves. You just have a natural way with these folks." To make a longer story shorter, he recognized how good he felt about his ability to help those who obviously had it much worse than he so he began volunteering until one day, at the insistence of the director, he went on staff only to replace the director a few years later. He told me "I never knew how great life could be until I began to pour myself into others. When I met this young man he was in the depths of despair and depression; he couldn't function for himself or take care of his family. He had no purpose or direction in life. Once he began volunteering to help others he never again returned to his private bottomless pit of depression. As he found his place in life he not only helped the residents but he helped the nurses so they could return to their trained call in life. Soon after that he began coming off all his antidepressants and other drugs and today lives free from all his past struggles. (Never come off your meds cold-turkey. Always seek the Dr's help as I will explain at the end of this article.)

Depression is focusing on self and the issues of life that can not be changed by worrying or constantly thinking about them. You would be surprised at how those problems or concerns will take care of themselves as soon as you quit holding on to them in your mind.

When I help people struggling I always incorporate God in the mix; in fact, without God you will never find the purpose for which you were created. The young man I told you about began to ask God to show him his purpose and to open doors for him just weeks prior to his visiting his friend's relative in the nursing home. I am not talking about becoming religious. Religion has no part to play in a true relationship with God.

God is the most practical person to build a relationship with because He is always with you and is always ready to help. I can help you build a practical relationship with my best friend if you would like. I teach all about it in my book Genuine Christianity which you can purchase on my website at or at your local Christian book store (publisher is American Book Publishing Company) or online at or at

Now to address the situation with epinephrine and serotonin levels in your blood. These are natural mood stabilizing drugs created by glands in the brain. I am not surprised that a person who is depressed has a problem with adequate levels of these drugs in their blood. After all, medical science has known for years that stress can actually cause your heart to fail. Your heart is possibly the strongest organ in the human body. If stress can cause it to fail, and it can, it is not surprising that two little glands in the brain could also be caused to fail or malfunction as you go deeper and deeper into depression. Stress is actually caused by what a person thinks about them self. In future articles I will discuss stress and how we can become free from the causes of stress as well as how to manage stress. This is where a relationship with God is very practical because He is the only one who has a plan that actually works. His plan involves no drugs by the way. It is my contention that improper drug levels do not cause depression but constant, deep depression causes the glands to fail. Injecting an artificial drug into your blood stream only masks the real problem. I want to help you deal with the root problems and become free the natural way with no drug side affects.

Now lets look at why you should not come off drugs cold-turkey. When your physical body becomes accustomed to what you are putting in it (mood altering drugs) to suddenly stop them puts your nervous system under much stress; it shocks your system and causing additional emotional trauma and many times the physical pain of it all can become overwhelming. It has been documented that it can actually make you behave in ways that are totally unlike you. The point is, why put yourself under such added stress. There is a better way to accomplish what you are after.

It has been my experience working with hundreds of people over the years that as we help them reduce the stress levels in their lives their body begins to function as God designed it too in the first place. When your body begins to function properly you will eventually find yourself with too much drug in your blood, causing you to physically feel bad. At that time you need to ask your doctor to do a blood test so he can determine how overdosed you have become. When this is determined he can safely reduce the amount of artificial drug you are taking working with your natural body rather than putting more stress on your body.

In my next post I will discuss how the brain works concerning emotional pain including worry, fear and consuming thoughts. I want to help you see how simple it is to end your emotional pain, stress and fears so until next time my friend find something to be thankful about and begin to control your mind so it doesn't control you.

Blessings to you all;

L.F. Low\Author of Genuine Christianity, Eight Steps to Emotional Peace, Obtaining Marital Bliss and Your Pain is Showing (A study of Attitudes, Paradigms and Patience)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dealing With The Issues of Life

Dealing With the Real Issues of Life

For many years now I have helped 100's of people turn their inner pain to inner peace and rest. In most cases Dr's said these people would have to learn how to live with their inner turmoil or remain on medication for the rest of their lives. The thing they don't tell you is anti-psychotic meds. destroys your physical body so the rest of your life may not be as long as you would like. However, God never fails and finding your peace happens when you learn how to work with Him.

This is not as difficult as you may think if you are already a believer. However, if you see God as an impersonal force that really doesn't care about us, or as the ultimate judge just waiting for you to mess up so He can whack you then you must change that paradigm of God. I can help you change that paradigm if you are truly searching for help. God's plan has been working just fine now for over 2000 years. However, thanks to the religion of the mind called psychology plus church leaders believing the lie that only the Psychologist can actually help people ,God's plan has gotten hidden under this veneer of religion and fear.

If you have a desire to find help without spending the remaining years of your life on a medication regiment that only numbs the real issues of your life; or spending hours of your life on a therapist's couch continuously rehearsing and reliving the pain of your past, hoping against all hope that all this money, time and effort will buy you something only to be taught new coping mechanisms that rarely work and only when you have the energy to carry them out. If this is you I have good news; you don't have to tolerate merely coping any longer.

You may be someone who is truly desiring to help others in your life who are hurting but you think that without a degree in psychology it is impossible. I can help you with that as well because of the following four points:
1. Psychology has never actually healed anyone in their 230 years of existence.

2. The only ones actually helping are those who have learned how to facilitate meetings between God and those who are seeking help. This is where I can help you by teaching you how to facilitate meetings. I have been doing this for many years now and I know what I am talking about. In fact, if you are curious check out my website at and browse around a bit to see the teachings, download-able free goodies and the teaching products available to you. Once you get to the website, click on Ministry News to more clearly understand our ministry.

3. As I have previously mentioned I have been facilitating meetings now for over 15 years and have helped 100's of hurting people turn their inner pain into inner peace. I have also trained many who are currently ministering to others on a regular basis.

4. The name of this blog is "Experience Speaks" meaning I am telling you what I am experiencing in every day life not what I have learned in college or through higher education.

I am inviting you to follow this blog spot for it is my intentions to encourage you and convince you that this is no hoax. It is crazy to see all the inner pain and turmoil on this earth today; none of it is necessary because God has a plan that has been working for over 2000 years now and I can help you if you are willing to learn.

I have many who would be willing to testify that my training material has helped them find peace in their own life as well as taught them how to help others.

It's time that the best news ever given to mankind be released to all who are looking for help; Your Broken heart can be healed on the spot!



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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Making Sense out of Saddness

Making Sense out of Sadness
by: L.F.Low

The saddest thing I know are all those hurting in life caused by the horrors of life growing up, the horrors of life in battle or just life experiences in general. It causes me much sadness because all of these issues that cause life to be burdensome and heavy are heal-able without pills or long hours on the therapist's couch. What really makes all of this sad for me is that God has made it possible to get rid of bad feelings created by the trials of life in just a few seconds but the church in our culture knows little to nothing about it.

Everyday I deal with people who are trying to live with the pains of life. Some are on prescription drugs while others are coping in other ways and far too many are self medicating with alcohol, illegal drugs, gambling, eating disorders, self-mutilation, sexual perversions, etc. The problem is all coping mechanisms cause other devastation's in life; not only in yours but many times in those around you as well.

Now, here is the kicker; everyday that I am dealing with these hurting people, they are finding perfect inner peace and the end to many, if not all, of their inner pain and struggles. Is it me? Heavens no. All I do is facilitate a meeting between those hurting and God. When God speaks to the hurting, the hurting ends. I am not talking about pleading with God for a miracle and then hoping that something will take place. No, I am talking about allowing God to speak to the issues that hurt and finding INSTANT release.

This is what I do every day and I have never found a case where God failed to heal. Yesterday for instance, I had a call from a dear lady in another state who has been reading my book Genuine Christianity. In the book I invite those hurting to call me or get on my website at and seek help. The lady I talked to yesterday has been diagnosed as a Bi-Polar and has been on medication for quite some time now. We have talked a few times in the past month and yesterday she called me saying she was just down, depressed and could not seem to shake it off. As we were talking I just said "Lord would you please show this lady what is causing her depression and where it entered her life?" I then asked her to tell me what the Lord was showing her and she said she was looking at a memory from when she was in the third grade. I asked her "What does that little girl in that memory feel about herself?" She said "I'm worthless." I then asked the Lord "Jesus, is that true? Would you please give this dear lady the truth." I then asked her to tell me what the Lord was telling her. She said, among other things, "the Lord said you or no one else is worthless; I created you for a purpose." I then asked the lady how that little girl feels and she said "She is happy and confident. I see her smiling." I then asked her "How do you feel?" and she replied "I feel just fine; no heaviness at all. Thank you Pastor Low. Thank you very much."

That quick call took only two or three minutes but it ended a feeling that poor lady has been carrying around since she was nine years old. Did it end her Bi-Polar diagnosis? Not yet but it is getting her closer to ending the need for all those drugs they are giving her.

Understand this please DRUGS DO NOT HEAL! Drugs, legal or illegal, are coping mechanisms only. My motto is "Why cope with something you can get rid of completely."

This process is called genuine CHRISTIANITY; the Real Deal. This is why Jesus came to the earth; to heal our broken hearts. Medical science has been trying to heal with drugs, shock treatments and hours of analyzing all the details of your past. They have never healed anybody. Don't believe it? Read my book Genuine Christianity and note the quotes from the American Medical Association that I included where they themselves have admitted to not being able to heal.

ONLY GOD HEALS! Man can only deal with the symptoms but God heals permanently. The reason He doesn't heal everybody that hurts is because the hurting are not asking Him to help them. Most do not know how to work with God because the churches are not teaching them. That is the main reason I wrote Genuine Christianity; To teach the church there is so much more to our faith than religious dogma, poems and platitudes.

As I have mentioned before, when you begin to talk to someone about turning to God for help many reject it as some superstition, fable or an old wives-tale of days-gone-by. That is because the church has done a horrible job of presenting God to the general public. Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship with a living God who cares very much for you and your life. When you hurt, He hurts with you. That is why I am doing this blog; I want the world to know this God who heals. That is why I wrote Genuine Christianity to help those who care, learn how to help those who are hurting. This is called restoration; learning how to restore a person back to God, back to health, back to confidence in themselves, back to peaceful living.

Living in perfect inner peace is absolutely possible but you will never get there on your own without God. Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. It is His peace we all seek because with His peace it doesn't matter what storm you are currently going through, the promise is the same, peace that passes all human understanding.

As soon as I can figure out how to do it, I am going to post a few video blogs here and on U-Tube that are short clips of the training material I have produced that works. It is working in my life and all who come to me or call. It is working in all those who have acquired a set of the material and are currently using it to help themselves and others. It works every time because God never fails and all we need do is learn how to work with Him rather than command Him around like He is our Big-Daddy or a Gennie in our bottle. He is God and He longs to help all who will take the time to learn how to work with Him. The name of my training material is Restoration Ministry Training and can be located on my website and is available to all who desire to learn how to deal with their own issues as well as how to help others; Turning inner Pain into inner Peace.

Many have asked me if I have ever seen anyone on psyc-meds able to come off those meds. My answer is "I sure have but it takes time. You never want to just quit what the Dr's have prescribed unless the Dr is working with you, bringing you off slowly."

The people I have helped get off drugs for depression, sleep deprivation, anxieties, Bi-Polar, etc all did so by working with my suggestions (Biblical teachings) learning how to work with God. As they worked with God to eliminate the lies that were causing them their pain, they began to relax more and more. Eventually they would feel physically ill, overly tired or any number of feelings that they could identify as not right. When this happened I always suggest they go to their Dr for a blood test. Most of the time the blood test would show the Dr their patient was being over medicated so they would reduce the amount of their prescription. This the routine for safely and sensibly coming off prescription medications. DO NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY!

Genuine Christianity is published by The American Book Publishing Company and can be obtained through your local Christian Book Store,, or by going on my website at

Let's end all the sorrow and hurting in life by learning how to work with God; it is not as hard as you might think.

Blessings my friend;
L. F. Low

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Common Quest of Man

The Common Quest of Man
by: L. F. Low author of Genuine Christianity

The attitude of the world toward those who are trapped in some obsessive,
compulsive lifestyle is commonly captured in the following phrase "Once a
druggie always a druggie." The same thing goes for those trapped on alcohol, sexual perversions, gambling, eating disorders, etc.The fact is however, that does not have to be true. When a person is ready to get off of whatever they are trapped by, believe me, they can find freedom; I have helped hundreds find total freedom.

The same goes with most rehab centers; they treat the compulsive behavior as the problem. The Compulsive behavior has become a problem or the person would not be seeking help. However, the behavior is not the problem.

Our behavior,regardless of what it is, is the fruit of our problem. Twelve
step programs, in most cases, string you along with the promise of freedom
only to re-trap you with constant meetings and rehearsing the fact that you are hopelessly trapped and will never escape without continuing with whatever the twelve steps taught you.

I am thankful for the help gained by some involved in these programs however, the percentage of people who have truly found freedom from their destructive behaviors are very very small compared to the numbers who are trying to find freedom. Typically there are only 1% or less who actually kick the habit and the reason is, you can not fix your problem by simply picking off the bad fruit. To change the fruit of a person's life you must change the root of that life. No human can do that-- but God can!

If you treat your compulsion as the problem you are constantly picking bad
fruit. Consider an apple tree that produces wormy apples; picking off all the apples does not fix the problem. Constantly admitting that you have a problem does not fix the problem either. No, constantly admitting you have a problem makes the problem worse and your condition hopeless.

Constantly condemning a person because they do drugs does not change the reason they do drugs. Punishing them for doing drugs actually adds to the problem by intensifying or exasperating their root problems that caused their destructive behaviors in the first place.

Unfortunately most contemporary religion is merely picking bad fruit by preaching sin sin sin to those who are trapped in their destructive lifestyles. I will agree, destructive lifestyles do make us sin. However, we must go deeper if we are to ever help the hurting find the permanent freedom Jesus promised those who would follow Him. The religionist (Is that a word?) would say "You can't go deeper than a person's sin." But I tell you that you can go deeper and that is the very reason Jesus came to the earth (Isaiah 61:1).

In order for Jesus to do what He came to do, He had to deal with mankind's sin issue. The church must quit celebrating what He had to do and go deeper to actually facilitate what He came to do. Once we have helped others gain their freedom then we can celebrate.

Until then however, we need to learn how to work with Him to help ourselves so we can help others. That is what I want to teach you; how to go deeper and receive the good out of why Jesus did what He did. He did it all for your freedom! He didn't do all that He did to trap us in some dead religion! By helping you gain your freedom I will be teaching you how to help others who are hurting as well.

Jesus set a standard for those who claim to be His followers; that standard is talked about very little and most of those who claim to follow Him can not answer the following questions; "What is the standard of Christianity? Or what measuring stick did Jesus give his followers to help them determine where they are in Him?"

How do I know most people will not be able to answer that question? Because for years I have been traveling and ministering in churches all over this country and in foreign countries as well and I ask that question wherever I go and I have never found any church who could or would answer it.

Today I am going to tell you what that standard is; it is not sinless-ness or perfection as so many think it is. No, it is perfect inner peace and rest. Peace, quietness and confidence forever; in or out of the storms of life. Peace is the answer and if you would like to see the scriptures that prove that just let me know and I will email you a boat-load of them or stick with me.

In my last article I mentioned, quite strongly, that Christianity is not a
religion but the potential for a dynamic relationship with God. Why would we want a relationship with God? Now get ready for my answer and please don't decide to stone me until you finish reading this article; then, if I am out of whack, go ahead. Here goes.

We need a dynamic relationship with God for the same reason people do drugs; to find peace. May I also go on and say, the same reasons people are on mood altering drugs such as antidepressants, uppers and downers to find rest and peace; to cope. The same reason some people need an adult beverage after a stressful day, to unwind. The same reason people smoke pot, etc.,etc.,etc.

The point I am trying to make is every human on earth is ultimately seeking the same thing; peace, quietness and confidence. And every thing we do on our own to find peace and rest in life, can eventually control and destroy our life. Peace, rest, quietness and confidence is God's promised reward for an intimate relationship with Him (John 14:27, 16:33, Isaiah 32:17, 26:3). God has something much better than coping!

Therefore, doesn't it make sense then to at least look at the possibility of getting to know God, rather than run the other direction just because you are afraid of Him for some reason. Especially if you are trying to kick some habit or find peace because of what life has done to you. If you have tried everything else and none of it gave you back your life or helped you gain the peace and freedom for which you are searching stick with me and I will teach you how to live in a troubled world with perfect inner peace and confidence.

You can find much more help on my website at, click on Ministry Helps and then look over the offerings under the sections entitled: Articles, Booklets and CD's & DVD's. You will find free teachings even some mp3 downloads free for the taking.

Enjoy my friend until next time,
Be blessed;
L. F. Low

Friday, January 1, 2010

What Drives Our Life

As I stated in my last post, mentioning that it is God that will help you find freedom from your issues causes most people to tune out. And quite frankly I don't blame them because of the way God has been presented to society. He has either been presented as a boring old judge who is ready to whack you for the things you do wrong, and we all do plenty of things wrong to be whacked for. Or he has been presented as a god who drives gun totting crazed wackos who do his dirty work on the earth. Neither is true and if you will stick with me I think, over time, I can help you see who the Living God is and how dynamic He is to know. He is the only one who can actually make this life make sense. I will be sharing with you my experiences as the title my blog implies.

Religion presents God in this negative light but you must understand that Christianity is not a religion. Regardless of what 'they' say, by definition Christianity is not a religion and if you give me the time I will do all in my power to prove that to you. Christianity is a relationship with a living God who desires to be actively involved in your life in a very positive, dynamic way. I found that to be true quite by accident over thirty years ago when I was desperately seeking help and I have never been the same since. (You can read the details of my testimony in my book 'Genuine Christianity' published by The American Book Publishing Company)

How does God help us deal with our very personal issues, inner pains, addictions, weaknesses, etc.? To even begin answering that question, which must be answered before we can go any further, we need to talk about what drives our life.

Every life is driven by what that life believes about self. The Bible says "As a man believes in his heart, so is he." In other words what you believe about yourself is what you become. If you believe you are stupid and worthless because somehow, life told you that, you will act like you are stupid and worthless. Notice I said you will 'act' like it. No life on earth is actually stupid and worthless but sometimes we sure act that way.

Science is catching up with those who believe what Scripture teaches about life. (Me) A renowned cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, has been studying how the cells of our body respond to the central voice called the mind and spirit; this is the path he chose in order to understand the origin of life and how life works. He teaches in his book, "The Biology of Belief" that what we believe in our subconscious mind has more to do with our future than the biological genes we inherited from our forefathers. In fact he teaches "genes are not our destiny!" (page 67 of The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton PhD,Elite Books, Santa Rosa California)

We are not victims of our genes or what mom and dad gave us. We are only victimized by our own mind; what we believe. "As a man believes, so is he." Scripture also teaches us that "You are not held back by anything other than your feelings." (2 Corinthians 6:12)

What we believe about self determines what we feel at the moment. Lies believed about self produce emotional pain. In fact, that is the only source of emotional pain. When we blame others for 'making us feel bad' we are missing it big time and giving others total control over our lives. That's dangerous, giving others total control over your happiness and future. However, the majority of the world does just that every day when they exclaim "He made me feel this way. or You made me do it., etc." People and circumstances can only trigger what we believe about self and our belief causes our emotional pain and our emotional pain causes our words and actions.

Psychology has known this for over two hundred years but those practicing this trade are taught that as they analyze your life while you verbally spill your guts to them (therapy) they can then give you a form of truth that should make you feel better; after all, if it is grandpa's fault why should it be messing you up? Well, the idea is good but it does not work. (That is why over the past ten years I have helped several clinical psychologists find healing for their inner issues.) It may very well have been be grandpa's words or actions that put you in a bad situation however, it is what you believed about self that actually produced the pain.

Psychology can in fact analyze you and they do a very good job understanding behavior patterns and their causes but they have never healed anyone with their analysis. They teach you how to cope or live with your pain. Why cope with something that you can get rid of totally?

"In 1955 the American Psychiatric Association held a symposium on “Progress in Psychiatry.” Here is the sort of statement which appeared in the published accounts: “Psychotherapy is today in a state of disarray almost exactly as it was 200 years ago.” (Zilboorg, G., in Mowrer, The Crisis in Psychology, Princeton: Van Nostrand, 1961, p 3)
"H. J. Eysenck, Director of the University of London’s Department of Psychology, recently wrote: ‘The success of the Freudian revolution seemed complete. Only one thing went wrong. The patients did not get any better.” (Dr. Jay E. Adams, Competent to Counsel, P&R Publishing Company, 1970)

We have over 200 years of history that proves that psychology has never healed anyone. Because of this, I strongly believe that is why they are resorting to dealing drugs through prescriptions. Psychology is a religion of the mind originally intended to replace Christianity by a young Sigmund Freud who was hurt by his father, an angry preacher using religion as his whip. However, according to their own reports they have healed no one yet. None the less, I personally have seen hundreds healed consistently over the past 10 years by helping people connect to the living God, the author of Christianity. I know of many ministries that have also had the same experience as I have. In fact, this is not a rare occurrence but a daily one. Check out my website for teachings, seminar titles, testimonies, etc at

Truth is, if you want something you have never had before you must do something you have never done before. Therefore, it is my aim to help you do something you probably have never done before. I want to help you connect to God for the purpose of helping you find perfect inner peace; wouldn't it be nice to like yourself and to be comfortable in the skin you are in? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get control of that anger? Or how about getting rid of the constant nightmares and/or daily flash backs.

It kills me every time I hear a report of our nations finest, the military men and women, returning from a war zone and the news reporter telling us that these poor souls will be living on drugs and therapy sessions the rest of their life trying to cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when that just does not need to be. I have personally helped many who were suffering from PTSD because PTSD is caused by the same thing; a series of lies believed about self caused by a traumatic event or a series of traumatic events.

Feelings drive our life! Everything you say and do is driven by a feeling, usually from the subconscious mind, which is why we blame the current situation as the cause for our harsh words and/or actions. Many times that is why, after a negative event, we say "I didn't mean it." After we react and see the effects of our negative behavior we cognitively think about what we just did and most of the time we can not believe we just said or did what was said or done. The power that drives our actions (all of them) come from our subconscious mind; our super computer. Proof of it is, you can not say something kind if your are angry and upset neither can you be angry if you feel lovey-dovey.

The key to changing your current behavior lies in what you currently feel. What you currently feel is directly connected to what you subconsciously believe about self. Therefore, to change what you are currently doing you must change what you believe and the thing you believe is stored in your supercomputer--your subconscious or your memory. How in the world do you change the memory of your past? That is where we are going.

Modern science is saying "if we could only reprogram our supercomputer". Well, we can and I have been involved in that for many years now so stick with me and I will help you learn how. (Not using hypnosis or drugs)

Now just a few words in closing about how this affects our addictions; man's addictions are caused by attempting to rid self of bad feelings (inner pain). In other words, what we get addicted too starts out as our medication of choice. The problem with that is that the medication we chose eventually takes control of our bodies and we call that control an addiction. That is why addictions are not a diseases of the bodies but afflictions of the soul. (Note my Blog entitled Addictions Not a Disease, Dec. 2009)

Emotional pain was created by God to inform you of when you believe something about self that is not true. Why would God be so interested in what we believe? Because there is only one thing that can stand between God and His created beings and that one thing is a LIE. Lies keep us in bondage and God's entire plan is to build a relationship with us that will eventually make us desire Him and then to allow Him to have control of our lives. That is why Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life." Without truth you have no way to life. Truth brings peace and rest while lies produce pain and turmoil.

I don't know about you but I do know about me and the many I have ministered to over the years; when we were in total control of our life it worked pretty well for quite awhile. However, there always comes a time when we begin to have difficulties we can not fix. Those difficulties always compound into greater difficulties until one day we experience dis-pare and a great sense of hopelessness. That is not a good place to be and the good news is WE DON'T HAVE TO STAY THERE. THERE IS HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS, HELP FOR THE HELPLESS and it is my plan that in time I can help you physically, emotionally and spiritually get there.

If you would like to get there ahead of this blog you can probably do just that by obtaining my book Genuine Christianity from your neighborhood book store, online through or from my website

Until next time all I ask you to do is to think about it, check it out and see if what I am saying is not true in your life.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Addictions not a Disease

“Experts” find Addictions not a Disease
By L. F. Low

While waiting for my annual doctor’s visit I noticed a News Week cover picture of a
hypodermic needle and a bottle of whiskey with the headline of “A Vaccine for
”. I found the very small article accompanied by pictures of four or five
individuals who evidently were testing the vaccine based upon their one or two sentence
testimonies. The article began with “It has been known for decades that addiction is a

Claiming or believing your addiction is a disease allows you to transfer the responsibility
of your addiction and the associated behaviors into the hands of the medical
professionals. However, medical professional treatments and directions do not heal the
addiction or the associated behaviors. Treating addictions from the outside in is trading
an addiction of illegal drugs for legal drugs; or from personally paying for your drugs, to
allowing insurance to pick up the tab. After all, giving drugs to a drug addict in order to
get them off drugs is like giving the fox free chicken dinners to keep him out of the hen
house. The free dinners never destroys his appetite for chicken.

Who am I? I am a minister of the Gospel who, for over fifteen years, has been helping
people find permanent freedom from their inner pains and compulsive addictions. Once
free of their inner pain, they go on to live lifestyles free from the temptations faced and
the battles fought as addicts. I am currently ministering with Teen Challenge of the
Midlands who have a proven 85% cure rate for those who finish their program. (The
Health, Education and Welfare federal government study provided that statistic from a
1975 study. Details of the study results are available from the author upon request.)

I do not have a PhD, but I do have proof that addictions are not sicknesses cured from the
outside in. Addictions are caused by, problems within the soul. Therefore, addictions are
cured successfully from the inside out, with no exceptions. In the past ten years, I have personally witnessed hundreds of people find permanent freedom. The ministry of Teen Challenge has a 50-year history in which they have seen literally thousands find permanent freedom. I guess that does give me a PhD of sorts, because I am now “Past having Doubts”.
When I mention being cured, I do not mean being on some other drug for a lifetime or
being strapped to others for accountability for a lifetime. I am talking about the battle
being over and the attraction is dead. This is freedom with no negative side affects and no
self-belittlement, guilt and grief from their past actions— COMPLETE FREEDOM.

Let me briefly explain sickness of the soul; Sickness of the soul is emotional pain or bad
feelings. Emotional pain comes from believing a lie about one’s self. Addictions are
never the problem but the fruit of the deeper problem—emotional pain. Throughout our
life, our brain is automatically interpreting every life experience based upon the premise
of “what does this experience makes me feel about me”. The information our brain deals
with is mostly assumption therefore, our interpretation is usually wrong, causing us to
believe lies about our self. If for some reason your life contained trauma, this can also
contribute to the lies you believe about your self. This is a very simple explanation but
adequate I believe for this article. (I will offer much more on this subject in future articles.)

How does our interpretations of past experiences affect us in the present?
As your brain works to interpret your current experience, it first compares this experience with every experience you have ever had, looking for places where you were hurt (believed a lie), that contain enough common elements of this moment to give you a warning. That warning is the emotional pain stored in your memory. As the subconscious memory of the four-year-old
child, who believed he would never be good enough to please his father, gets triggered by
the current argument taking place with your father, or your boss, or your wife (Anyone
basically disagreeing with you could trigger it.) the pain of the four year old is what the
adult will feel.
The problem with that is typically we have been running from our bad feelings, hoping to out grow them or forget them entirely. However, our feelings are driving our current responses and
most are totally unaware of it. Therefore the problem, bad feelings, cause bad responses which
include bad decisions such as rage and drug usage which adds to mans hopelessness as he
looses total control of his own actions to the humiliating grip of chemical dependency.

Not understanding where these bad feelings and their associated responses come from,
causes those hurting to blame others currently in their life or the current situations they
are dealing with, such as their job, stressed relationships, traffic, etc. However, blaming others never changes anything nor does learning new coping mechanisms or techniques. In other words, none of man’s counsel, legalized drugs, punishments or accountability techniques will ever end the battle for those suffering.

When a person suffers from enough emotional pain, he/she will do whatever is necessary
to escape it. Most of the time people turn to cigarettes to calm their nerves or to a drink or
two after work to relax which then escalates to more and more until you become hooked
(dependant) chemically but more importantly emotionally. Everyone experiences this
soul-sickness at one level or another. Everyone has their own remedies that they use to
escape the pain but most merely ignore it thinking, if they can’t feel it they have it under

Many others currently believe that addictions or addictive tendencies are genetic,
inherited from our forefathers. Truth is, many alcoholics or drug addicts raise alcoholics
and drug addicted children. Not because it is somehow in their DNA, but because of two
basic issues that I have observed repeatedly:
1) the first observation is, this lifestyle is a
learned behavior. We learn best by observing our elders therefore, children of the
addicted observe how mom and dad cope with their issues and it becomes more sociably
acceptable to them –after all, mom and dad do it so what’s the problem.
2) The second observation is, the reason the parents are addicted is to cover or cope with their inner issues (emotional pain) caused by their childhood and their parent’s behavior. Not only
are they currently coping with their own pain, but now they are passing that pain on to
their children by their responses to current life issues which triggers feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, shame and hundreds of other feelings. These feelings are the product of the misinterpretation of their life’s experiences as children and the trauma they endured growing up in a dysfunctional home, raised by addicted parents. And the gift goes on and on until someone says “Enough is enough—this has got to stop.”

When you want something you have never had before, you must do something you have
never done before. If you want to escape the cycle of addiction, you must turn to the root cause and the only ONE who can help. Here is where most people quit reading but here is where your help comes from.
God has reserved the transforming of the soul for Him and Him alone. Man has no way of helping you because man can only affect you from the outside in. Your issue is on the inside therefore, help must come from the inside out. Only God can do that. I have witnessed this truth personally in my own life and I have witnessed it professionally in hundreds of others for over 20 years now –God is the only answer. Not a religious god but a living God who desires a relationship with you.
Until next time, be blessed my friend;
L. F. Low

For further information on this subject, including testimonies of many who received help,
check out the author’s new book Genuine Christianity in a bookstore near you, on or from my website at .
Genuine Christianity the book is published by The American Book Publishing Company